Meet the Artist


Hi there!  My name is SUSAN SHERIDAN, and I am the artist behind "ELEVATE THE PLATE".   It's a one-girl operation!  Production is done out of my garage and I primarily sell my products at local boutiques and festivals. I also have a vendor booth at the PARIS FLEA MARKET in Livermore.


How it started

I started my hobby in the Fall of 2015.  I had just retired from a Corporate  job and wanted to do something fun. I love to entertain and was always looking for fun ways to display food.  I started by stacking plates on great pedestals,  Beautiful, but not functional. I learned I needed to find a way to drill them and use hardware that could be disassembled to provide a way to store them efficentlly.


The Process

I look for plates anywhere, and everywhere.  I buy them new, as well as look for amazing vintage plates at Estate Sales and Auctions.  Once I find them, I pair them with others that  I feel would make a beautiful piece of art.  Then the work begins.  Drilling, washing, matching, choosing hardware, adding bows.for sale.  It takes about 4 hours to make a tower -- starting with buying the plates, to taking the pictures for sale.